An exclusive Tour to admire Chianti’s finest Landscapes at Sunset There is nothing more special than riding a vespa during sunset among vineyards and olive groves. The Chianti area looks magical at dusk due to its […]

When Tep’s tail starts wagging and she starts moving around a certain patch, you will be able to sniff at a handful of dirt, “Smell it, it’s special.” And it is, that ethereal elixir of […]

Luggage Hold Dimensions CompartmentAltezza /HeightLarghezza / WidthProfondità /DepthCompartment 170 cm / 2.30 ft70 cm / 2.30 ft40 cm / 1.31 ftCompartment 270 cm / 2.30 ft70 cm / 2.30 ft20 cm / 0.66 ftCompartment 370 cm […]

Tuscan Cooking Classes in the most beautiful location in […]

Tuscan Cooking Classes in the most beautiful location in Chianti</h6 A special place to discover (or rediscover) the meaning and pleasure of two of the simplest but most important daily activities: Cooking and Eeating. Upon your arrival […]

“If I have seen further,” Isaac Newton wrote in a 1675 letter to fellow scientist Robert Hooke, “it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” Everyone gets a lift up Ironically, Newton’s turn of phrase […]

An exclusive Tour to admire Chianti’s finest landscapes Immerse yourself in the gorgeous Chianti’s Nature, ancient Hamlets, Castles, small parish churches and all around rolling hills covered by endless Vineyards, Olive groves and long rows of […]

A soft-rafting proposal, suitable for families with children Join the Rafting in Serchio River Tour An Easy Adventure for all the Family ! Just 10 minutes far from the Lucca city center, flows peacefully the Serchio River. A […]

Ready for a Real Adrenaline Rush ? Join the Rafting in Lima Creek Tour The best white water rafting experience in Tuscany ! You will be surrounded by the astonishing nature and the ancient rocks of the Lima […]

Discover Florence from the river ! Rafting in Florence is a new way to admire the charm of a city built and developed on the banks of its river, the celebrated Arno. An unforgettable experience that can […]