Here’s a a great tour of Rome in one day – Get Ready there’s a lot to see !

This incredible package combine Vatican Museum including the Sistine Chapel and the Colosseum,   really the best way to admire the gems of Rome in just one day.

Caio Giulio Cesare Ottaviano Augusto

Imperator Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus




The Tour Includes

  • Staff Assistance at the Meeting Point
  • Licensed Professional Guide
  • Discount for Breakfast
  • Museum entrances Tickets with booking (skip the line)
  • Earphones for groups of 12 people and over
  • Wear a Toga
  • Discount for Lunch
  • Discount for Students
  • Map
  • Duration: 5h approx.
  • Departure: 09:30 AM
  • Season: All year round – every day
  • Meeting point / Terminal: Central location in Rome (further details will be provided after booking).
Vatican Museum + Sistine Chapel + Colosseum

85 €  –  Book Now !

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What Makes this Tour Unique

  • Arch of Constantine
  • Caesar’s Forum
  • Capitol
  • Capitoline Hill
  • Colosseum
  • Gallery of the maps
  • Gian Lorenzo Bernini Masterpieces
  • Grave of Pope John Paul II
  • Michelangelo Buonarroti Masterpieces
  • Pinecone courtyard
  • Roman Forum
  • Sistine Chapel
  • St. Peter’s Square
  • St. Peters Basilica
  • Tapestries Gallery
  • Vatican
  • Children 0 – 5 years – FREE
  • From 6 to 18 years old & Students € 75

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Tour Description


Starting from the Colosseum with skip the line entrance so you will not have to wait around in the long lines the Vatican museums and Colosseum tour is the perfect full day option to see Rome in a day. The Colosseum is considered one of the most important attractions of world tourism, on July 7 2007 in Lisbon it was proclaimed a “New Wonder” of the world. The Colosseum, named by the Romans as “Amphitheatrum Flavium”, was built by Emperor Vespasian in 72 AD, and inaugurated by his son Titus in 80 AD.

Next to the Colloseum is the Arch of Constantine, which was built on the ancient Via Triumphalis, a road used by the triumphant marches direct to the Capitol to celebrate the battle at the Milvian Bridge in 312 AD, when Emperor Constantine defeated his rival Maxentius, We can then continue our tour through the streets and trails of the Roman Forum located between the seven hills of Rome, over the centuries there were built monuments, buildings for political activities, religious and commercial activities.

From Roman Forum we will continue and conclude our tour at the great Piazza del Campidoglio on the Capitoline Hill (Capitolium), since ancient times this has been the focal point of political and religious activities in Rome. The most famous episode which covers the Capitol is linked to the invasion of 18 July 390 BC when the Gauls reached and sacked Rome, with the exception of the Capitol, legend has it that the night attack of the Gauls was foiled thanks to the squawking of the Capitoline geese kept in the sacred precincts of the temple of Juno.

After lunch we will restart with the Vatican Museums Tour at 13:30 from the Museums, the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica you will visit the most wonderful collection of art in the Vatican Museums that house the most extensive collection in the world.

The Vatican Museums tour will begin using our fast track – skip the line vatican tickets so our guests will not have to wait in the 2 hour long lines before to enter the vatican museums.

Once inside the Vatican Museums we will cross the Pigna Courtyard which takes its name from the gigantic bronze pinecone placed in the middle, a work found at the Roman Baths of Agrippa. Then to the Gallery of Maps on of the most eye catching and attractive of the Vatican Museums Tour. This gallery is a 120 metre long tunnel and includes a set of all the maps that represent and anticipate the unification of Italy, both geographic and spiritual.

In the Gallery of Tapestries there is work exhibited from tapestry of the New School. These tapestries were woven in Brussels by the manufacture of Pieter van Aelst and represent the most significant religious events.

On this Vatican Museums tour we will also visit the Museo Pio-Clementino which houses some of the most important collections of sculptures of the greek-Roman world. The sarcophagus of Lucius Cornelius Scipio Africanus Barbaro, the Apollo Belvedere, the Laocoon Statue of Hermes, the statue of Venus Felix, the Perseus triumphant and Kreugas and Damoxenos.

Then moving on to the tour of the Sistine Chapel which is the cultural and artistic treasure of the Vatican Museums, its known throughout the world for the conclave and other official ceremonies of the Pope’s messages. The entire Sistine Chapel is a message of universal faith, the frescoes of Michelangelo Buonarroti, the “Last Judgement” is one of the unique works of art in the world which you will get to see on the best Vatican Museums Tour.

In St. Peter’s Basilica Tour we will see the dome of Michelangelo, Bernini’s canopy, the bronze statue of St. Peter by Arnolfo di Cambio, the tomb of Blessed John Paul II (Karol Józef Wojtyla) placed under the altar of the chapel of St. Sebastian, the Pietà by Michelangelo another stunning masterpiece showing a perfection of anatomical detail.

The Vatican Museums tour will end in the fabulous Saint Peter’s Square with its majestic colonnade designed by Bernini, a masterpiece of art and technique, proof of technical perfection lies in the two stone discs placed in the pavement of the square with the words “the centre of the colonnade” placing your feet on one of them, right or left depending on the case, one has the impression that the semicircle composed of four columns, is composed of a single row of columns. For any visitor to Rome if you only take one tour it must be the Vatican Museums Tour.

Important Information

Please note that a transfer from the Ancient City to the Vatican is not included in the price of your tour. We can arrange this for an extra fee of and you can request this.

Strict dress-code, shoulders and knee must be covered. Visitors are required to check-in bags, tripods, backpacks or bulky luggage. We strongly suggest you leave large items in our luggage storage because checking in these items at the museum will result in delays. Also be advised that there is a security point before museum with a metal detector and X-ray machine for your personal items so kindly leave sharp items behind.

Please note that on Wednesday morning St. Peter’s Basilica may not be open due to the Papal Audience. If you wish to visit the Basilica please choose the 10.30 or the 1.30pm tour on Wednesday.

The Basilica is subject to last minute closures for religious ceremonies. When this occurs, we are happy to offer customers an extended tour of the Vatican Museums. While we undertake to tell tour groups ahead of time, if there are any planned disruptions to Basilica opening hours, this is not always possible and in these cases we are unable to provide refunds or discounts.

Quotes on Michelangelo’s frescoes in the Sistine Chapel

“Without having seen the Sistine Chapel one can form no appreciable idea of what one man is capable of achieving.”

—Johann Wolfgang Goethe, 23 August 1787

“This work has been and truly is a beacon of our art, and it has brought such benefit and enlightenment to the art of painting that it was sufficient to illuminate a world which for so many hundreds of years had remained in the state of darkness. And, to tell the truth, anyone who is a painter no longer needs to concern himself about seeing innovations and inventions, new ways of painting poses, clothing on figures, and various awe-inspiring details, for Michelangelo gave to this work all the perfection that can be given to such details.”

—Giorgio Vasari on Michelangelo’s frescoes in the Sistine Chapel

Vatican City - Statues

Vatican City – Statues