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Olfactory Experience in Chianti

40€ / Per person

Discover a wonderful sensory experience of about two hours in the Chianti Classico countryside that will allow you to discover the essential oils and aromatic waters locally produced.

From the field cultivation of medicinal plants to distillation, together with our experts, you will learn how to recognize the essential oils of the Tuscan land and how to use them properly.
At the end of the experience you will be offered a drink produced by the company and a gift that will remind you of the olfactory experience.

Olfactory Experience

Available only with at least 3 days previous reservation 

TUE, THU, FRI from 9.00AM to 3.00PM

MON, WED, THU from 5.00PM

SUNDAYS at 10:00AM 

21 May

11 June

9 & 23 July

5 & 6 August

10 September

Minimum 2 Max 10 participants

Participants admitted from 16 years on

The Program

Our aim is to let understand people what the “Olfactory Experience” is.


We have set up an organization with three collaborators who will accompany tourists, newbies, or insiders at all times. Chiara graduated as an agricultural expert and studied as an oenologist, Eleonora a biologist, took several courses in herbal medicine and guided botanical gardens, Manuela a naturopath, Patrizio master distiller for two seasons, trained in the company, each person is united by the pleasure of knowing plants and their ” secrets” in the gift they make of their essence in Hydrolates and Oils, an overview will be given starting to explain why the choice to have more chemotypes for each variety, their characteristics and functionality in their active ingredients.

The welcome on the farm begins with a visit to the medicinal herb plots. Here the sensory experience inside the rows will begin where the colors and scents released by the plants will be the first stimulus. After which a short visit to the distillery, with an explanation of the machinery and their use. Upon request, it will also be possible to follow the entire distillation process, with the possibility of spending one or more nights in the farm to follow all the phases of the work. 

This experience will be dedicated to a maximum of four people and they will be hosted in our house.

Pleasantly seated around a table, each participant will be presented with the treasures of distillation, the hydrosols sprayed in glass goblets where their essence can be better appreciated and the essential oils a few drops on the mouillette without revealing their name so as to arouse, not just curiosity, but starting a sensory journey linked to the memories of the olfactory memory and the emotions that arise, until you get to know their properties, from their use in folk medicine to modern scientific and holistic knowledge where the essence is also used as an olfactory stimulus to relax or invigorate according to our needs.

Two hours of relaxation in nature, for a particular and unique experience, a sensory journey full of stimulus linked to the scents of the Tuscan land.