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Pizza and Tiramisù with Lunch or Dinner

110€ / Per person

Amaze your friends when you return home !

Pizza & Ice-cream = A tasty and tempting duo
Escape the city in a relaxing villa in the middle of the Chianti hills where you can master the basics of Italian pizza and tiramisu thanks to our fantastic Chef !

Pizza is the most known food all over the world and there one simple reason…it is so GOOD! Flour, water, tomato, mozzarella and a few other ingredients, but the things that make the difference are: time, experience and love.

In the class you will learn how to make the dough and the sauce, along with some nice starters to accompany your pizza for lunch, surrounded by the Tuscan countryside that will be the perfect frame for your day. Connect with the Italian soul and bring back home a piece of this centuries old tradition. This is an activity suitable for everyone, fun is guaranteed!

Learn how to prepare a typical Neapolitan Pizza and a delicious Ice Cream with Pizza and Tiramisu Class Lunch or Dinner, a fun Cooking Class.

A Yummy Vegetarian Pizza Slice
A Delicious Tiramisù Dessert

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Class Description

With our Pizza & Tiramisu course you will learn how to make two of the most iconic creations in Italy! The perfect activity for families and friends : you’ll discover the techniques for kneading pizza and then take part in the important decision of the toppings.

Then you will discover how to compose a few simple ingredients (eggs, sugar, mascarpone, bitter cocoa, coffee and Pavesini) to create a delicious and unique dessert for its flavor: the celebrated Tiramisù.

Finally you can savor your pizza, accompanied by beer or wine, and last but not least, your delicious Tiramisu prepared with the authentic recipe!

Recipes will be provided to you after class, making sure you can recreate these two simple delights in your home as well.

Your dietary needs are not a problem for us: our courses are also vegetarian, vegan, gluten and / or lactose free on request and always with local, fresh and seasonal ingredients .

You will learn all activities involved in the creation and the working of the dough, following the traditional method for a tasty Neapolitan pizza. You will learn all the types of flour, the amount of ingredients needed, how to manipulate the dough and the products used for making the sauce.

You will discover the secrets for making the handmade Tiramisù, a delicious Dessert, using only the freshest natural ingredients.

Pizza Margherita

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